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Drake White Papers


Welcome to the Drake publications library.


This extensive knowledge centre has been created for our clients and partners to access critical business information. Here you will find research and business advice on essential issues in human resources, management and leadership, training and development and improving businesses productivity.



10 Steps to Hire the Right Person -

The First Time

Hiring an employee is like making an important investment decision, with the candidate representing the 'human capital'. Like any investment decision, you want to make the right choice - the first time. Effective talent acquisition is a complex process. But by following these 10 key steps, you can help drive corporate performance and deliver the results your organisation needs to compete and succeed.

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Effective Hiring - Innovative Recruiting & Behavioural-Based Testing to Ensure Your Future Success

This white paper focuses on how behavioral assessments can increase successful hiring and reduce costs. It will also examine the costs associated with selecting the wrong candidate within your organisation and the elements that are at risk in terms of time, company performance and relationships.

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Employee Retention - Reducing Recruitment by Increasing Retention

This white paper focuses on how Drake's innovative solutions can create a successful retention programme that will reduce your staff turnover. It will also provide practical tips for developing a productive and happy workforce, discovering the causes for undesirable turnover, retaining your best staff and establishing effective employee retention tactics.

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Global Recruitment

International recruiting solves talent shortages. "Smart companies know talent can be found and recruited all over the world". In a global economy the advantage of this is it can match opportunity to talent regardless of geography. International recruiting is generally no more costly than local hiring. And, it can fill otherwise persistent vacancies that often prevent organisations from accomplishing their mission. With the right partner, international recruiting can be the best solution by far - perhaps the only solution.

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Avoid the Counterfeit Candidate - Know Who to Hire Through Effective Resume Screening & Interviewing Skills

This white paper focuses on how Drake's Advanced Profiling and Selection Solutions ensure the best screening and interviewing practices for your organisation. It also provides practical tips for developing an effective candidate sourcing strategy, improving your resume screening practices, conducting clear and structured interviews and how to measure your ROI to build a successful process.

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Onboarding & Orientation - Maximizing the Performance of New Employees

This white paper focuses on how a successful Onboarding and Orientation process can significantly reduce the time it takes your new employees to become effective within your organisation. It will also provide practical tips for developing and structuring your Onboarding and Orientation programs, building a team of top performers and helping your employees become effective faster.

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Exit Interviews - Using Exit Interviews Effectively

This white paper focuses on how you can convert Exit Interviews into a valuable management tool. It will also examine the root causes of staff turnover, how to obtain open, honest and impartial feedback and how to structure an Exit Interview effectively and evaluate your ROI.

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HR Trends - Creating a Strategic Profit Partner

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, business leaders are realizing that creating a passionate customer service experience will be a key differentiator, helping to capture and retain loyal customers. Human Resources practitioners are a strategic part of this change. Learn how Human Resources can move from management to leadership in this new profit model.

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White -paper -health &safety

Workplace Health & Safety - Reduce Your Risk: Make Your Workplace a Safer Place

This white paper focuses on how to implement an effective Workplace Health and Safety Consulting Programme in order to protect your company's liability, your personal liability and your employee's safety. It also examines the costs of an unsafe workplace, compliance and injury prevention, strategies for change and how to measure the ROI of your Accident Prevention Programme.

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The Art & Science of Flexible Staffing - Delivering Shareholder Value

This white paper focuses on achieving the optimum balance of staff to workload by reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving your organisation's bottom line. Discover ways to right-size your labour force, control costs and boost productivity with Drake's Workforce Optimisation Solutions. This white paper will also outline the steps involved with implementing a flexible staffing model to deliver shareholder value.

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White-paper-enterprise -surveys

Enterprise Surveys - Do You Really Know What Your People Think?

While many organisations proclaim that their people are the most important asset, a good many fail to act as though they believe it. This white paper will focus on Enterprise Surveys and how they can build an engaged employee workforce leading to higher productivity and lower turnover. This white paper will also outline how Drake's HR Consulting Services and Enterprise Survey Solutions will drive organisational productivity and profitability by better understanding your employees' views and concerns.

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White-paper-workforce -planning

Optimise Workforce Planning - A Little Planning Eliminates a lot of Panic

Scheduling and managing vacations, sick time and employee leaves of absence are a concern throughout the year but can be exasperated during holiday time. Failure to manage absenteeism can increase costs and failure to accurately track absences can lead to violations of labour law. This white paper will focus on Workforce Planning and the issues managers face with tracking and managing scheduled and unscheduled leaves of absences. This white paper will also outline how Drake's Workforce Planning experts will audit, analyse and develop an end-to-end solution to proactively plan and manage your workforce needs.

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Team Building Magic - The Secret Behind High-Performing Teams

This white paper focuses on how organisations can build highly effective teams composed of the right mix of people. It will also outline helpful and informative ways to understand the strengths of individuals and what they can contribute so that your organisation's financial performance does not suffer. Low productivity, low morale, high confusion, apathy and rapid turnover are all signs of underperforming teams and Drake's Human Resources Consulting and Team Building Tools will enable your managers to create and manage teams to succeed.

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Developing Great Leaders - Great Leaders Grow Profits

Leadership is highly correlated with organisational success, profitability, retention of a high quality workforce and recruitment of the "brightest and the best". This white paper focuses on driving immediate business results by accelerating your leadership development. It also outlines how Drake's HR Consulting Services and Team Building Tools will help your organisation develop leaders who are focused on results, not just activities.

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Performance Management - Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Reviewing the performance of your employees is important. Whether it is done informally or on a frequent basis, effective performance reviews help to improve employee results and engagement. This white paper will focus on how Drake's Career Performance and Development Solutions will drive organisational productivity and profitability to build organisational strength.

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A Manager's Guide to Handling Terminations

Is your organisation equipped to professionally handle terminations while maintaining productivity, improving morale, and minimising the chance of litigation? Terminating employees can be extremely stressful and traumatic for both management and employees. It requires special skills and thorough planning to ensure a smooth and successful outcome. For the employer, terminating an employee's service, if handled poorly, can negatively affect the company.

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Mature Workforce - Putting Experience to Work

A huge shift is taking place in the demographics of the workforce because of the decline of baby births since 1964 and the increased longevity of the boomer generation. This white paper will focus on the fact that employers are realising the value of recruiting and retaining the 50 plus age group because of their experience, knowledge and loyalty. It will also outline the myths and false perceptions about this age group and how we can embrace them as a valuable human asset. Read this white paper and find out how Prime50, a division of Drake will assist your organisation in effectively hiring a mature workforce.

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Emotional Intelligence-au

Emotional Intelligence - A Critical Success Factor

Emotional intelligence, also known as emotional quotient or EQ, is sometimes called 'charismatic leadership' because it has a motivational and transformational effect on the team.

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Generation Y-au

Generation Y - Attracting, Engaging & Leading a New Generation at Work

Over the last couple of years the realities of massive generational change has dawned on world business leaders. While the issues of an ageing population and a new attitude to work have literally been emerging for a generation, it has been a sudden awakening for many organizations. In fact dealing with these demographic changes and most recently attracting, engaging and leading Generation Y are issues that our clients request assistance with.

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Customer Service-au

Improving Your Customer Service

No customers - no business. Right? That makes your customers the most important people in your organization. Sounds logical, doesn't it? Yet for many companies, servicing customers is a low priority: at best, a necessary evil; at worst, a time-wasting nuisance.

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