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Former Military Recruitment 


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Add a Unique Skill Set to Your Workforce

Employers today are becoming increasingly aware of the unique attributes that Former Military Personnel can bring to any organisation.


Not only do they possess a range of highly sought after vocational skills, service leavers also have a commendable mindset and attitude that is valuable to any business.


What Qualities Can Former Military Personnel Offer Your Business?

  • LOYALTY - Military personnel bring with them an intrinsic understanding of how loyalty adds to team proficiency and builds trust in a work environment. For business leaders looking to make a thoughtful long-term investment in an employee, military personnel can often outperform other candidates as proven team players.
  • RELIABILITY - The cost of employee turnover can be a considerable factor for any business. Through military service, training, and lifestyle, Former Military Personnel will typically have an ingrained commitment and work ethic that would add value to any organisation.
  • PRODUCTIVITY FOCUS - Military Personnel have been trained to work toward efficiency, ask for guidance when needed and exercise self-discipline in professional settings. If you’re actively building a corporate culture of increased productivity and strong motivation, military candidates should be considered, not only for their hard skills, but also for the soft skills they bring with them to civilian business settings.
  • DIVERSE COMMUNICATION SKILLS - Military personnel understand that good communication needs to be flexible to be able to connect with a diverse audience. Trained in effective writing and professional communications, military personnel know that being successful in today’s world means being able to communicate accurately and efficiently with people from all walks of life.


Your Specialist Recruitment Team

Our Former Military division has the unique blend of industry leading, experienced recruitment professionals and former military personnel with a wealth of military and commercial experience. As a result, our team understand the different job roles and skill sets that exist in the military and where they align within the civilian workplace.


We understand the complexities of both arenas and are able to match the best candidate with the best client, by speaking and understanding both ‘languages’ we can aid both clients and candidates alike.


Military Bio -  Mitch Turner

Mitch Turner

National Recruitment Director



Our Candidates

We have a talent pool of not only service personnel making the transition from military to civilian life, but also those that have left the military previously and gained valuable experience in a myriad of sectors in the commercial arena. 


Many of our former military candidates still have access to funding provided by the MOD to gain civilian training, qualifications and credentials in a multitude of subjects up to five years after they have left the military, a valuable asset to any potential employer in the ever demanding workplace.


Civilian Work Attachments

A key recommendation of Lord Ashcroft’s Veteran’s Transition Review in 2014 recommended the creation of work placement schemes – Civilian Work Attachments (CWA’s). These are a great opportunity for service leavers and potential employers to get to know one another.

Those in the process of leaving the military are often able to complete work experience placements whilst still serving, therefore still being paid by the MOD. These placements can last from one day to several weeks, enabling you to make a cost-fee appraisal of a candidate, prior to making any 

To find out more about adding a unique skill set to your business, speak to Mitch Turner and the team today on 0207 484 0876, EMAIL US, or simply fill out our staff enquiry form HERE.



If you area a service leaver, contact us today to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your future plans and requirements as a candidate, and one of the team will be in touch to discuss possible job opportunities suited to your criteria. Alternatively, you can fill out this form to register with us today.



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