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Permanent Recruitment 


Top Perm


Let us find your next Top Performer


Do you sometimes accept mediocre candidates because you so desperately need to hire someone?


Are you struggling to find the employees you need in the first place?


Sourcing top talent - the people who go on to become superstars in your organisation - is not a matter of good luck. It's a matter of consistently applying an effective hiring process. Drake can help. 


Drake knows how to find top performers. Our consultants will assist you to attract and retain the most talented individuals - people who are the right fit for your organisation, not just right for the job.  We apply our 12 Step selection process, to ensure you get the right person for the job - every time.


You can view our '12 Steps to Selection Success' here:



What is the cost of hiring a mediocre performer?
Do you fire them and incur the costs of another recruiting cycle, or keep them and incur the costs of substandard performance?  Alternatively, what is the cost of the position remaining vacant while you struggle to find the right candidate?  Either way it's a burden you can do without.


Drake Offers Our Clients:

  • A recruitment strategy that goes beyond traditional methods of recruitment.
  • A permanent staffing solution that operates as a value-added extension of your existing HR Department.
  • Top Performer Profiling using advanced assessment methodologies.


What is the End Result?

You will benefit from:

  • Vacant positions filled on time.
  • The very best employees - those who possess the right traits to become a top performer in your organisation.
  • The permanent staff you need without having to build up a large in-house recruiting function.


How is it Done?

Drake's Consultants meet with HR and top management to assess your recruiting requirements and where you need help. We work with you to understand your corporate strategy, objectives and workplace environment to develop a clear picture of your needs, then analyse data that identifies the key skills, knowledge and behaviours required for each job family within your organisation.

Your Drake Consultant will then seek out and send you a short-list of only the very best.


What is the Payoff?

The cost of vacant position, a bad hire, or even a mediocre hire, is substantial. Just compare the value of your top performers to your poorer performers and you can see how quickly an investment in superior recruiting methods pays off.


What managers need most is better talent and that is what Drake offers. We give you top class recruitment services that extend your own HR department and save you the cost of building up an overly expensive recruitment function.