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Engagement Surveys



You track revenue and other business measures, but do you track the attitudes and behaviours that drive those metrics?

Put your finger on the pulse of the organisation with an engagment survey. What is causing turnover? What is driving morale? Is the culture still on track? The best way to get answers to these questions is an online engagement survey.


An online engagement survey is an easy way to get quantitative data on employee attitudes that drive performance, indicating where you are strong and which factors are holding the company back. Using a third party provider (rather than doing the survey in-house) gives you better response rates, more candid answers and objective analysis of the results.


An engagement survey:

  • Identifies key organisational concerns, road blocks and opportunities
  • Assesses engagement and how to improve it
  • Points to areas that will enhance morale and commitment
  • Provides insights on improving productivity and reducing turnover


What is the End Result?

An engagement survey provides you a detailed, quantitative report that:

  • Provides data on key factors that matter to your business such as:
    • Commitment to quality
    • Loyalty
    • Open communications
    • Work environment and culture
    • Organisational processes and efficiencies
    • Leadership
  • Provides recommendations for improvements
  • Identifies any important regional or demographic disparities


How is the Survey Done?

Drake Consultants meet with your management and key stakeholders to establish clear objectives for the survey. Our consultants then customise questions for your organisation and create a plan for communicating and implementing the survey to employees.

Drake has an online system that allows easy collection of data from your employees in an entirely confidential manner. Drake's survey engine summarises the results and Drake's Consultants provide specific analysis, recommendations and priorities based on the results collected.


What is the Payoff?

Academic research has consistently shown that employee loyalty, satisfaction and engagement drive financial success. An investment in an engagement survey is an investment in an improved bottom line. It provides you with key data on performance related, cultural issues that you won't get any other way.


Contact our team at marketing@drakeintl.co.uk or call 0800 111 4558 to find out more.