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Exit Interviews


Do you know the real reasons that you lose good employees from your organisation?  What could you have done differently to keep your top talent happy and manage attrition effectively?  If you don't have a professional Exit Interview programme, you may never know.


With Drake International's professional solution, you will get the information you need to prevent the loss of your best employees.


Exit Interviews which are performed by an external party lead to more honest feedback and can help you to manage your employees' expectations from the day they begin their employment with you; reducing costly staff turnover and bolstering your employee brand.


Drake's Exit Interviews Provide:


  • Guaranteed anonymity

  • True and honest feedback

  • Insight into the reasons your employees leave

  • Leads to improvement initiatives which lower staff turnover

  • Identifies trends in attrition


What is the End Result?


  • Get the real story from your exiting employees

  • Use insightful feedback to improve your practices

  • Identify trending issues in the workplace


How is it Done?


Your Drake Consultant will create a bespoke Exit Interview structure which is designed to garner the true opinions of the exiting employees and generate truly useful feedback.


Secondly, your consultant will write a communication document for your HR staff and line managers to ensure that everyone is aware of the Exit Interview process and this can be effectively communicated to any departing employees.


Our interviews are on-line, ensuring confidentiality and discretion; a cost-effective system which reduces the burden on your HR department.


Finally, your consultant will provide a detailed analysis of the data gathered, identifying trends and issues in your organisation. 


What is the Payoff?


Exit Interviews show your employees that you value their feedback and that you want to improve your employment practices. It's simply good management to communicate with your staff from their first day to the day that they leave.


Reducing staff turnover impacts directly on your bottom line.  Your cost of turnover includes the cost of recruiting and training in addition to the hidden cost of low productivity, the burden on colleagues and the reduced profitability of a team.  Managing your exiting employees effectively will help you to reduce the negative impact of attrition on your business.