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HR On Demand


Drake recognises that many companies often don’t have the budget or the need for a full-time HR Professional.  However, the employment laws apply whether you have 5 members of staff or 5000. Therefore, with an ever increasing mountain of legislation to both understand and adhere to, and the risk of an employment tribunal if you get it wrong, the advice of an HR Professional is something every organisation should consider.


Drake can offer a cost-effective solution to this problem. We have a wealth of experience in providing local SMEs with tailored HR advice and support. Our approach is practical; we provide on-site guidance as and when required. Unlike many insurers and solicitors who can give valuable advice on the legal position, we advise on the specific course of action required; often attending meetings and drafting correspondence to give you confidence that the matter is being handled correctly, with your preferred outcome being paramount.


Typically we would provide an initial audit of your existing policies, paperwork and procedures and advice on the gaps and areas that may need to be addressed. This way we can then tailor a solution to match your budget. We then ensure that you are legally compliant and can provide a suite of letters or management toolkits to support your policies and procedures and your written terms of engagement.


In reality, if you have robust terms and an employee handbook, circa 95% - 98% of HR issues will be covered by these documents. The remainder therefore can be covered on an ad-hoc basis giving you real solutions to actual problems. The areas we are called in for characteristically include grievances, disciplinary proceedings, or redundancies. In such cases a member of the team can visit the site and provide preliminary advice on the specific issue. We can attend the case meetings to counsel throughout and write all appropriate correspondence.

This approach provides you with a professional HR Consultant on-site only when you need them, which is reflected in the price you pay.


The HR Solutions 


Paperwork, Policies and Procedures:

We work with you to devise a system which will work within your organisation, which will both keep you legally compliant and guide on the course of action required. We can provide written contracts, handbooks and standard letters, all specific to your organisation.


Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures:

We will provide your business with written procedures and can provide on-site support in preparing for and implementing proceedings at every stage.


Absence Management:

We support businesses with the potentially costly issues of recurring absenteeism, disability and long term sickness.


Redundancy and Restructuring:

An unfortunate reality of modern business, we are experienced in restructuring, amending working patterns or shifts and managing redundancy and outplacement programmes.



 A potential legal minefield, we guide you through the process at every stage.



It’s a worst case scenario but should you ever find yourself in this position we can offer sound advice and we can even participate on your behalf.


Training and Development:

Our range of Training and Development courses provide real-life learning that is relevant to improving the knowledge and skills needed to deal with the ever changing business environment. We provide real answers to real problems. We’ve listened to employers and have designed our training services to meet those needs. 

Each learning programme can be used to support change and improvement by developing practical, technical and managerial skills from top to bottom in your organisation. The training courses are built around these themes:


Leadership, Management and Supervision:

The vast majority of people in management positions have been promoted through their technical ability, not because of people management skills. Our range of management courses aim to equip people with the skills and tools they need to manage people effectively.


Personal Effectiveness Courses:

Our courses designed to enhance your own performance and capability at work.


HR Courses for Non-HR People:

For the majority of businesses, HR issues can be dealt with by a number of people in the business however, with the ever growing complexity of the HR landscape; more and more companies are struggling to keep up. Our courses give a practical, no nonsense approach to bringing you up-to-date with essential HR developments which you need to keep your business the right side of the law. This year our courses have been updated to include information on the impact of the Equality Act 2010, whistle blowing, and family-friendly issues.


Training Quality:

All our training courses are researched and developed by our own internal specialists, we do not use any third party to deliver any of our training and therefore we have ultimate control over the quality of the content. Course books and material are written by subject specialists and all courses are complemented with a programme course book, comprehensive slides and case studies.


Why Us?

Drake have supported a wide range of clients for many years. The HR team have spent many years at Director Level in Industry and the focus of the business has always stayed the same. It is our belief that HR should not be an onerous, costly department; rather a supporting function to the profit making activities of the business. At Drake we position ourselves as part of the client’s business and advise as if it were our own, with cost effectiveness and management wishes paramount. The team has grown over the years and each consultant comes with a breadth of knowledge in general procedures and practice as well as individual expertise. This means we carefully select the best practitioner to meet your requirements.