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Terminating employees can be extremely stressful and traumatic for both management and employees. The process requires special skills and thorough planning to ensure a smooth and successful outcome. 


Maintaining productivity while effectively and professionally retrenching employees and managing their morale is difficult to do without the support of an experienced Outplacement specialist.


Our outplacement solution offers you:

Drake's Outplacement solution can help you to ensure that the downsizing of your workforce is dealt with professionally and sensitively while maintaining a focus on the ultimate objective. 

We will provide a bespoke solution which will reduce your exposure to litigation and risk by:

  • Ensuring commitment to your employees' wellbeing
  • Reducing the negative effects of falling morale for those who retain their jobs
  • Maintaining employee productivity
  • Protecting your company's reputation
  • Reducing opportunities for litigation


How is it Done?

Drake's specially trained Outplacement Consultants provide a bespoke support service and our solutions will be designed to meet the needs of both you and your employees.  Including:

  • Career advice and coaching
  • CV writing
  • Conducting Behavioural Assessments which provide an insight into an individual's skills, abilities and personal characteristics and can be used to determine the best career path
  • Active marketing of employees at risk of losing their jobs


What is the Payoff?

Staff rationalisation is a consequence of changing business needs.  Terminating employees without the proper process can not only damage your employer brand but may be harmful to the individual employees' prospects and risks litigation.

Our career transition and outplacement solution will guide you through this difficult time and assist your workforce with the impending changes, balancing your needs with theirs.

Professional Outplacement solutions help you by:

  • Minimising your risk
  • Reducing the negative impacts associated with rationalisation
  • Protect your employer branding
  • Providing a cost-effective solution which benefits both employer and employees


Contact our Outplacement Solutions team here to find out more.