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Top Performer Profiling


top Performer Profiling

Do you know which key traits and behaviours separate the top performers from the low performers in your organisation?


Do your hiring processes effectively identify future top performers? Drake International's Top Performer Profiling solution recognises the attributes possessed by your most accomplished employees and matches them to potential new hires.  Our behavioural assessment tool, the Drake P3, maps dominance, extroversion, patience and conformity and generates a comprehensive report detailing motivational needs, decision making style, leadership style and personal learning style for your top performers.  Compare this to your potential candidates and you have a tool which will enable you to select the right candidates for your organisation.


What is the End Result?


  • A scientific profile of your top performers that guides your hiring decisions, directs staff development programs, and aids in team building as well as succession planning and advancement.

  • Integration of this profile into your hiring process.


How is it Done?


Data gathering and data analysis are critical.  Your Drake Consultant will meet with you to understand your organisation and collect data on your top performers through our unique online system resulting in a Top Performer Profile which can be integrated into your hiring and talent management process. 


What is the Payoff?


The cost of a bad hire can be damaging to a business.  The investment required to ensure a perfect hire therefore makes perfect financial sense.  You will hire the best talent with the skills and behaviours to compliment the culture of your organisation and the other team members perfectly.